Better late then never???

A few weeks ago… ugh yes I said weeks (but better late than never…right??) as part of ECI 831 we were blessed with another guest speaker Zoe Branigan-Pipe who spoke on “The Life of a Connected Teacher”.  I loved the real-ness of her presentation as she truly seemed like one of those teachers I would have loved to be in the trenches with! She shared so many ideas of not only how she stays “connected” as an educator but also how her students stay connected to the world. It was almost overwhelming (in a good way of course) to hear about all of the different types of technology she was exploring with her students including my personal favorite…. SMART Boards!!  She certainly had some support by her division and administration to be able to have access to all of these incredible tools!

This actually started my head spinning and again wondered how many teachers here in Saskatchewan were “connected” as well?? I am sure there must be a variety of teachers, classrooms and schools who are also exploring this idea. I was absolutely ecstatic when I came across the following article…

Saskatchewan teaching experiment links students via Skype.

How cool to hear about teachers using tools to connect right in our own backyard!! It certainly reminded me of the same type of project Zoe had discussed in our session and just reaffirms the power of collegiality and connectivity!!!

With Skype planning to launch its new multi-party video connection (currently in Beta stages) and link it with social networking sites such as Facebook… I bet it won’t be long before we see teachers using this to build their PLN and students working collaboratively across the country!!

Now… If only I was back in the classroom…… 🙂


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  1. I am in total agreement with your comments on Zoe Branigan-Pipe. Her enthusiasm for teaching and learning along with her ideas for incoporating tech tools in order to collaborate, connect, share, etc. were inspiring. In relation to Skype, I was encouraged to use it a couple of years ago in order to connect with other colleagues via distance at work. However, shortly after becoming familiar with it, I was instructed to discontinue usage due to some kind of ‘bandwidth’ issues experienced by our school division. I was a little discouraged as I could see power of sharing using this tool. On a positive note, I was thrilled when told a couple of weeks ago that we can now go back to using Skype within the division. I look forward to using it as a tool to collaborate and share with others.

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