Creating an On-Line Identity – Own your own!

Last week we had another excellent guest speaker Dean Shareski from Prairie South School division.  His topic… Creating a Digital identity.

Ok… so first I had to wrap my head around what exactly a “Digital Identity” was.  Ask me who I am in person and I can rattle off my major stats. Height, Age, eye colour and profession, I have those down pat! Now ask me what my digital identity was and you will get the classic Ferris Bueller I don’t get it expression! However, after listening to Dean’s session my eyes were truly widened to the importance of this topic!

As part of our session, we were asked to search our names on the internet using some specific websites Google, Spezify and Persona MIT. Interestingly enough, I had never taken the opportunity to do so!  Well low and behold I was able to locate myself on google and for the most part was listed in the first initial 3 pages of google! The info focussed on me… hmmmm who knew???

It was surprising to see though that there had been some profiles either I had a some point signed up for  and never finished ( must have forgotten about those) or profiles had been created for me somewhere along the way without my knowledge. Regardless of HOW they were created, I recognized right away that there was no voice from ME! I didn’t have an actual “Trish created” profile. thus Dean’s point of  taking control over what your digital identity was became very important.

So I began the search to find out just how does Google rank a website so that it is the first one displayed? If I want to make a digital name for myself… at least  in my eyes… I needed to get MY website/blog or chosen mode of digital identity platform to the top of the list!

I found some direction on this or rather a “guideline” listed as part of Google’s Webmaster Central.

Allow Google to find, index and rank your site.

Although the information was an interesting read, I am still not sure it will provide me with a chart Google topper!

So, to my wonderful colleagues and twitter nation… those of you whom have already begun this digital identity adventure tell me just how important is it to have YOUR personally created website/blog or other identifier listed as the first one on Google? If you have already mastered this feat… spill the beans on how you did it!

Look forward to hearing your secrets… and if you want to throw in how the “caramel gets inside the Caramilk bar” (which at this point seems more achievable) I am all ears!


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