The UNclass….

Looking back to our unclass a few weeks ago I first want to begin by tipping my hat to those colleagues whom presented on this day! The ideas were interesting, relevent and most importantly a reflection of how each one of us has been able to walk away from this class with at the very least an appreciation for the power of learning from others.  We may not all be experts, or aspire to lead the charge but in many ways we have all learned our voices can be heard!

Sometimes as surprising as it may seem to those who know me best, I prefer to be a wall flower. I enjoy sitting back, taking it all in and just listening to the colleagues around me. It is often their passion, sincerity and willingness to dive in which I believe makes me a better teacher! It motivates me to try new ideas and aspire to reach outside of my own comfort zone.  

So, after our unclass… I was thinking….

I remember hearing a great speaker once Sir Ken Robinson and how he talked about the idea that we in the education profession don’t need an “Evolution to make change happen, we need a Revolution!”. And he spoke on the importance of each one of us identifying our own talents. You can watch a great video on this learning revolution…

It is after I reflect on the talents of others within my class that I really can appreciate his message. Perhaps if the opportunity presents itself again I should jump on board.

Well done to my classmates for taking the risk!



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2 responses to “The UNclass….

  1. I just adore the video. One of the greatest talks I have ever listened to. I agree on diversity and that we should prepare students to life not only getting high marks and going to a college. We also in Egypt have this problem in restricting success on certain areas forgetting that all members of the society do vital jobs to our community.

  2. I am also thankful for our classmates who took the risk and led the discussion during our “un”session. I really liked this concept as it afforded us the opportunity to take charge and share our learnings. I didn’t feel I could step up to the facilitator role that evening as I am still a relatively new learner to this world of social media and open education, but I learned much from the information shared. I am even planning to use this “un” session concept with a group of colleagues as I think it is an opportunity for them to showcase some of the amazing things they are doing with students. Thanks for your post.

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