A Woman with Many Hats – Learning about Leading in a PLE world

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity as part of ECI831 to discuss how we as educators are evolving and change to take on many roles as part of creating our Professional Learning Environments (PLE’s). Stephen Downes as our guest lecturer on this topic provided us with many examples of roles an educator may take on as part of their learning environments. Some of the roles he proposed included  the Learner, Collector, Curator ( guide, custodian of a collection), Alchemist (mixing of resources), Programmer (follows a linear path),  Salesperson, Convenor (bringing together of people,  a network builder), Coordinator, Designer and Coach just to name a few. 🙂

As he spoke, many of those roles began to resonate with me as parts of my educational history. The things that made me as a teacher…. me!

– I remember back to those first few years of teaching and the extraordinary amount of hats one has to wear in order to succeed in this profession. I was absolutely still a learner and soaking up information from those around me. I was a collector, forging through files, websites, books and binders to find just the right stuff for a lesson. I was defiantly an alchemist as I needed to try to mix the resources I had into something magical! A sales person was soon to follow, as I tried to sell my abilities and value to students, parents and of course administration! It’s amazing to think of all the hats one wears in those early stages of practice!

However, with that said what amazes me even more is that I don’t think teachers really ever take those hats off. As Stephen pointed out there are so many additional roles one acquired throughout their professional careers, we just keep adding more.

As one of my colleagues, Angela pointed out in her blog post “Tonight I was a Salesperson, Coach and Demonstrator” it really reminded me of how as we evolve and grow with our own professional development practices it truly becomes a reflection of the roles we take on in our professional lives and our PLE.

Thanks for a great class Stephen… I wonder what hat I will wear next?


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